Engagement Summary

WayBetter CEO, Jamie Rosen, needed to accelerate growth by increasing revenue but resources were constrained with operating the existing product offering.

He engaged Rubis to explore the viability of creating a new product that would diversify their position in the market while complementing his existing product offering, DietBet.

By leveraging our innovation team and Launch Execution & Acceleration Platform (LEAP), we identified and validated the market while gaining valuable insight on creating a truly unique customer experience called, StepBet.




Strategic Roadmap | Concept Design Prototype Development | Market Validation


WayBetter is pioneering a new approach to behavior change which is referred to as The Way better Way.

Their first product, DietBet, is a game that helps people lose weight by betting on themselves. It works by providing group support, micro-goals, and real rewards. And while there's money on the line, DietBet isn't about betting. It’s about believing in yourself, investing in your health, and sticking to your commitments.

It works. Since 2013 Dietbetters have lost over 3 million pounds. Along the way, WayBetter paid out over $12 million to winners. Dietbetting is now a movement with over 270,000 players in 100+ countries.

I don’t want to disrupt our team or pull their attention from our existing revenue stream. I want them to continue being hyper-focused on the current business.
— Jamie Rosen, CEO, WayBetter Inc.



WayBetter introduced a game-changing personal behavioral challenge while facing a growth challenge of their own. Asking themselves, “How do we continue being innovative in this space?”, they identified a number of ideas but were unsure how to go about choosing which idea, if any, would lead to the growth they were pursuing.

By tying up resources, WayBetter’s successful DietBet product was preventing them from continuing to grow their product line and revenues. They had a fortunate problem of having to decide whether to continue making short-term incremental gains or split their focus to pursue a broader market, expand their product offering and increase revenue.


Identifying a new opportunity can be a challenging and costly endeavor, had they distracted their existing team, they may have negatively impacted their existing revenue by shifting focus to the unknown.


New opportunity discovery and validation is an all-consuming endeavor which requires a team with multi-disciplinary perspectives, associative thinking, and deep focus.


WayBetter Leadership sought our assistance and expertise in innovation because the expertise required to create a new product is completely different from operating one.

We designed, built and validated a prototype in order to answer the burning question, “will people pay to play a new game based on steps”. The market responded with a 70% positive response.

We designed a game that explored thoughts, likes, dislikes while people played a real 4 week game for which they paid. The game we designed was intended to be a “one-off” in order to gather real-time feedback and understand the customer perspective.

Due to the excitement toward the game and the new questions that arose, we decided to make adjustments and create a second game with a specific goal of uncovering additional insights that could lead to a better customer experience in the eventual product.



Dispelled, generated and altered original assumptions and expectations which led to an improved customer experience.


Proved that people will pay for this product thereby leading to a new revenue stream. Surpassed 10,000 customers in initial launch.



Unlocked investment from existing and new investors. Established an early adopter community that will serve as a launch springboard.


Customers were excited about StepBet and the future of WayBetter, to the extent that many invited friends and family to participate in games.



Our innovation team and platform, LEAP, led the way in unlocking long-term value for WayBetter. By systematically iterating over an idea, we discovered precisely where the market is and how to deliver a unique and behavior changing experience to its customers.

Today, WayBetter is on an accelerated track to new revenue, engaged customers, and sustainable long-term growth.