110 New Patients in 2 Months

Driving Demand at Olympia Chiropractic & Physical Therapy


Key Results

  • 300 New Patients
  • Most successful 3-month period ever
  • Steady flow of new patients month-over-month
  • 19 New Patients in one month in one clinic


Strategic Roadmap | Marketing Portfolio Design | Advertising Campaign Management | Advertisement Design | Trend Analysis

Prior to working with Rubis we had 95 new patients through our website. In 2 quarters Rubis added 300 new patients online. We expect to double new patients online in 2018.
— Dr. Pat Calcagno, CEO Olympia Chiropractic & Physical Therapy


When we started with Rubis we thought building a social media following would drive new patients in the door. After completing the Rubis Digital Audit and Marketing Innovation Program it became clear our priorities were off.

A long time competitive athlete, Dr. Pat Calcagno took his experience and knowledge as an athlete and became a chiropractic physician specializing in treating athletic injuries. Olympia Chiropractic & Physical Therapy is a multidisciplinary clinic with chiropractic, physical therapy & massage-therapy founded in 1997.


When Dr. Calcagno reached out to Rubis, he wanted Olympia doctors to spend more time with patients and less time trying to find new ones. He envisioned an “always on” approach to acquiring new patients without having to set up a table at a local gym, supermarket or athletic event. Ultimately, he wanted less friction and better results.
Past advertising efforts at Olympia worked for a while and some failed instantly. Olympia looked at all types of tools and solutions but they hadn’t found an effective team and strategy that could deliver results.


Olympia’s engagement with Rubis began with a Digital Gap Report. The report singled out gaps in Olympia’s online presence and the impact it had on acquiring new patients. The Digital Gap Report identified a number of quick-wins but more importantly, strategic opportunities that could  create a valuable pipeline of new patients.

The Digital Gap Report set the stage for Rubis Marketing Innovation Program which involved Olympia’s leadership team. The goal of the program was to unlock specific opportunities for improving Olympia’s ability to attract new patients but also re-engage past patients. Aligning Olympia’s operational and patient insights with Rubis’ marketing and development expertise, established a clear path forward with measurable outcomes.




The Rubis Digital Gap Report revealed key insights into the following areas;

  • Competitive Brand Position
  • Brand Identity
  • Top Competitors
  • End-to-end Patient Journey
  • Online / Offline Content
  • Service Offering
  • Market Analysis & Insights
  • Patient Acquisition Flow
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Advertising
  • Digital Technology
  • Website Evaluation
  • Re-engagement Software
  • Patient Management

Our team established a plan of action for a fully integrated marketing program consisting of the following tactics;

  • Organic & Paid Social Media
  • Patient Tailored Content
  • Email Re-Engagement
  • Website Improvements
  • Profile Business & Social Updates
  • Authoritative Content Creation
  • Metrics Baseline & Reporting
  • Appointment Automation
  • Team Empowerment

Marketing Innovation Program Results

Rubis used The Marketing Innovation Program, rooted in patient-first thinking, to create a better experience on the Olympia website, establish Olympia’s digital presence around the web, and create an Always-On New Patient Pipeline.

Chiropractic metrics matter. Our effort resulted in a 2,800 new social media followers, hundreds of new 5 star reviews, increased website traffic, 20% reduction in bounce rate, and 300 new patients, a 130% increase from the previous year.

"When we started with Rubis we thought building a social media following would drive new patients in the door. After completing the Rubis Gap Report and implementing the Marketing Innovation Program, it became clear our priorities were off. Our main goal became establishing a New Patient Pipeline, so our doctors could get out of “lunch and learns” and back to helping patients. In just two quarters, Rubis brought us 300 new patients."


New Patient Acquisition

Prior to working with Rubis, Olympia’s new patients seemed to randomly show up online or doctors had to spend countless hours in front of large groups in hopes of getting a few new patients. Rubis created an always-on New Patient Pipeline through their Marketing Innovation Program. Olympia gained 110 new patients in two months. 

We saw 110 new patients from online campaigns in two months!

Olympia saw real-time success with the efforts toward New Patient Pipeline, a combination of optimized digital presence, reputation management, client experience, and advertising.

"Before engaging Rubis and implementing their Marketing Innovation Program, we thought social media followers would attract more patients. Thanks to Rubis we quickly realized a more holistic approach was needed. We saw our followers grow but realized our patient experience, skyrocketing 5 star reviews, and advertising were far more important in building our New Patient Pipeline."


Reputation Management

Our team optimized Google, Yelp, Facebook for each Olympia office which gave them a solid digital foundation. Olympia quickly added over 2,800 Facebook followers and added hundreds of 5 star reviews in the places where potential patients actively looking for a provider.

"It always seemed so hard to get customer reviews online. Through the Marketing Innovation Program Rubis was able to quickly understand our business and patients and creatively used technology to fix our review problem. They were able to create an always-on review pipeline where new reviews show up in Google, Yelp, and Facebook almost every day. We went from having a decent amount of 5 star reviews to hundreds of 5 star reviews!"



After implementing Rubis Marketing Innovation Program, Olympia has seen ~300 new patients, hundreds of 5 star reviews, and built an Always-On New Patient Pipeline.

“Thanks to Rubis we have a consistent flow of new patients from our community and most importantly our Doctors have more time to spend with patients. Rubis identified a way to give us more time, more money, and most importantly, an opportunity to help more people!”


Let's Review

Olympia’s success came through several of our services:

  • Digital Gap Report

  • Marketing Innovation Program

  • Reputation Management

  • Digital Advertising


We leverage technology and marketing insights to build new patient pipelines. Are you ready to discuss how we can get more patients for your chiropractic practice?