Engagement Summary

The Rubis Marketing Innovation team designed and executed a robust digital marketing program that is driving demand for Olympia's patient-centric experience.

Despite having created a successful business, Olympia's leadership failed to establish a valuable and cost-effective approach to retaining and gaining patients. They implemented many one-off advertising tactics of which a few were successful but none harnessed sustainable demand.

Our marketing innovation team's digital marketing program strategy involved re-introducing Olympia to it's current and past patients while creating a growth springboard for new patients. In 30 days, Rubis drove 72 new patients to Olympia and established a marketing platform which is being used to further drive demand.


Olympia Chiropractic & Physical Therapy


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Olympia Chiropractic was founded in 1997 by Dr. Pat Calcagno. A longtime competitive athlete, Dr. Pat Calcagno took his experience and knowledge as an athlete and became a chiropractic physician specializing in treating athletic injuries.

In 2003, Olympia Chiropractic became a multi-disciplinary clinic with the addition of physical therapy & massage-therapy. Olympia Chiropractic and Physical Therapy was created and has since opened 6 more offices in the Chicago Suburbs. Despite their operational growth, their advertising and marketing efforts worked "just well enough" and some failed instantly. Olympia was grasping for the right tool but they lacked the expertise to tie them together into a powerful solution.

We’re always looking for ways to engage our patients and improve their lives.
— Dr. Pat Calcagno, CEO, Olympia Chiropractic & Physical Therapy


Olympia tried countless tools and techniques to drive demand to their clinics but nothing seemed to deliver the powerful solution they were seeking. In order to unlock key opportunities and establish a pipeline of patients, Rubis performed a marketing audit, innovation workshop and delivered a scalable marketing program that delivered critical business value.


Cost-effectively gain and retain patients.


Organically drive demand and patient engagement.



Olympia knew that developing a multifaceted marketing program was critical but they weren't sure how they could do it with the skills they had in-house. Olympia Leadership engaged Rubis for both marketing strategy and marketing program-campaign management with the goal of increasing brand awareness that would drive the right patients in the door.

At Rubis, every engagement starts with a human-centered approach. Moving from a general understanding of the Olympia patient to three well-defined target personas and their journeys, provided Rubis with the inputs necessary to create a mulit-phased marketing program consisting of organic advertising that resonated with existing and new patients. Additionally, Rubis vetted and sourced best-in-class network of tools that would establish a firm foundation for on-going advertising and re-engagement campaigns.


Our innovation team and platform, LEAP, led the way in unlocking long-term value for Olympia. The Rubis marketing innovation team doesn't skip steps. They move seamlessly from blue-sky to tactics with efficiency from an approach that outpaces changes in the market to produce valuable results.

This led to a successful implementation of a highly engaging marketing program that delivered a consistent number of prospects and newly acquired patients to the Olympia website and social media properties.