At Rubis, our Marketing Innovation Program's are guided by an account Account Based Marketing (ABM) strategy that has one goal, drive demand from highly qualified accounts. 

Traditional lead-gen tactics leave marketing and sales waiting for, and searching through, low quality leads to find the ideal target account. We flip the traditional funnel approach and start with the Ideal Account Profile in order to drive demand from a targeted list of highly qualified accounts. 

An Ideal Account Profile (IAP) focuses on the business that is a perfect fit for your product or solution. A key takeaway, the IAP does not focus on the buyer or role you are targeting. This comes later as we develop personas inside your highly qualified accounts. 

Ideal Account Profiles are made up of the following:

  • Industry/Vertical
  • Employee Headcount
  • Annual Revenue
  • Budget
  • Location(s)
  • Technology used
  • Size of customer base

Use Your Data

Building an Ideal Account Profile is easier than you think when you can leverage the data you already have in your CRM. Let’s say your dreams come true and you could replicate your top 5 accounts. Now think about the additional factors you would use to determine a highly qualified target account?

In a Perfect World

Taking a page from economists view of a Perfect Market, think about your “in a perfect world” customer. If you could land 5 “in a perfect world” customers today who would they be. What characteristics standout?

Get Started Today

Map the bullets above to your current top 5 accounts and “in a perfect world” accounts and look for similarities between them. You’ll be well on your way to creating your Ideal Account Profile.