Engagement Summary

By leveraging our innovation team and Launch Execution & Acceleration Platform (LEAP), we identified and validated the market while gaining valuable insight on creating a truly unique customer experience called HeroMe. HeroMe CEO Josh Bryan was struggling to find the right message and method to increase traffic to his custom action hero website. He reached out to Rubis to create and implement a marketing strategy with the goal of increasing traffic to the HeroMe website. Our marketing innovation team uncovered new personas and created persona specific campaigns resulting in a 200% increase in traffic and a more consistent flow of traffic from month to month.




 Marketing Program | Advertising Campaigns | Digital Asset Creation | Campaign Management


HeroMes are custom superhero action fgures in an action fgure toy world full of pre-set storylines. The creation and education process begins in the HeroMe Lab. Each child picks one head, one superpowered arm, and one superpowered leg. Once the child gives his or her HeroMe a name, personality, and story, the HeroMe becomes the child's unique creation. HeroMe believe kids are creative. They all have a story to tell, and HeroMe helps them tell it.

Engaging with customers wherever they are is paramount to our goal.
— Ad Ops Team



Past marketing efforts at HeroMe provided spikes in web traffic but never created a consistent flow. The Rubis Marketing Innovation Workshop helped unlock key opportunities that created an increase and retention of visitors to the HeroMe website. The first opportunity was to develop a 360° view for prospective clients which we call “personas”.

The previously created HeroMe persona was underdeveloped and very broad which led to a very general message instead a customer-centric targeted message and creative assets. This general approach had been carried into campaign channels where banner ads and adwords were purchased to appeal to a mass audience. Rubis saw this as an opportunity to take a deeper dive into the following areas:

  • Persona Development
  • Customer Journeys
  • Campaign Creative & Messaging
  • Ad Campaign Channels


HeroMe realized the experience that came with creating and managing a new product was very different from the skills needed to market the product. HeroMe Leadership engaged Rubis for both marketing strategy and campaign management with the goal of increasing brand awareness and creating a strong creative campaign that would drive more of the right buyers to the web storefront. At Rubis, every engagement starts with a human-centered approach. Moving from a general understanding of the HeroMe customer we defned three target personas and their journeys. This formed the foundation of our hyper-focused campaign to deliver the right message to the right customer. Past pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns were far too general so Rubis created a detailed customer journey for each persona. We decided that Facebook ads, email campaigns, and blogging would be the best method to engage users and drive more trafc to the HeroMe web storefront.

Helped HeroMe better understand prospective customers by defning targeted personas.
Increased level of quality trafc to the HeroMe web storefront by 200%
Engaged with prospective customers in the right place at the right time through persona-specifc journeys.
Delivered consistent trafc to HeroMe web storefront.


Our marketing innovation team started with a human-centered strategy and iterative tactical approach that led to a successful implementation of a highly engaging marketing program, delivering a higher number of prospects to the HeroMe web storefront.