A few Examples of Account-Based Marketing Technology & Tactics

Recently our team had a conversation with a prospective client that shared they were setting up a GeoFence at an upcoming industry conference. After a short discussion, we discovered they were actually using Beacon technology which was dependent on the conference mobile app. In other words, the conference attendees had to download a temporary app in order for the GeoFence technology to send them notifications. The blind spot that our colleague didn’t realize was that there wasn't a way to reach the attendees after the conference. Based on our research, conference apps are some of the most disposable apps on your phone and are lucky if they don't get forgotten by the first coffee break.

To give our new Client bit of insight on how we work, we designed a small GeoFence campaign that targeted conference attendees with mobile display ads during the conference and also when they returned home.

Our initial conversation with our Client revealed something we’ve long understood, there’s a fair bit of confusion around marketing technology, specifically the meaning of things like GeoFence, IP Targeting, and Beacon technology. Here’s a short guide to help explain the value of each and help clarify whether you should use them in your next marketing initiative.


Sporting events are a great example of where GeoFencing works to capture an audience in a short period of time. For instance, MLB All-Star Weekend is an opportunity to capture an audience of say over +100K with a common interest of baseball. Alternatively, a niche fitness event like CrossFit Regionals could yield +10K in a single weekend. By setting a fence and kicking off a creative campaign that cross-references the sporting experience that the Audience just had, is a unique way to create an engaging relationship with the target audience.

GeoFence is a digital fence drawn around a target area. Generally speaking, the fence picks up the unique mobile device ID of anyone that enters the targeted area. The unique identifier combined with digital ad software can be used to deliver ads to a person as the use the internet or applications that support ads. The power of the Geofence is that the ID is unique but not personally identifiable and it can be used after the device leaves the fenced area.

IP Targeting

IP Targeting is a powerful tool for B2B sales and marketing teams. Creating hyper-personalized  campaigns to your target accounts has been shown to return a higher level of engagement and ROI than broader traditional sales & advertising efforts. We leverage an IP Targeting strategy for our Clients that are interested in cross-selling to their existing Clients, running broad awareness campaigns to prospective Clients, and increasing pipeline velocity by reaching the right prospects at the right time during their buying journey.

IP Targeting also focuses on location but specifically targets networks connected to the internet within a specific location. If you’ve ever setup a router at home or been online in your office you’ve used a network. Each network has a set of IP addresses that can be uncovered with IP intelligence technology. Devices connected to the network can be shown specific advertisements within a browser or application that supports ads.

Beacon Technology

Deploying a strategy using a beacon is commonly used in large retailers like Macy's but you've probably also seen it in Starbucks. Beacon can be a useful tool for marketing when you have a physical location, network, mobile application, and resources to set up and maintain. It can create a powerful conversation with your most engaged customer while rewarding them with new experiences along the way.

Beacon technology requires a physical “beacon” which can be as large as a hockey puck or as small as a sticker. The beacon has a bit of software tucked in that’s connected to the local area network and has the capability to transmit messages in the form of text and images. The second requirement is on the user-end. A user needs an application that can receive the beacon’s message when it’s within range of the emission.

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