Making Use of Data

Making Use of Data to Achieve Meaningful Strategies

Fitness and health tracking technology is incredibly popular right now. It is experiencing explosive growth that is evidence people want to take steps to gain some control over their health. Even with a large amount of data being gathered day in and day out through such trackers, it isn’t useful to anyone if the data isn’t given some attention and care. For many people, making use of data can seem a bit daunting but with the right team it can be game changing.

Interpreting Data Is Essential

Perhaps you have successfully mastered gathering the data you need, but if you aren’t ready to take that next step of the analysis, your data is useless. A fitness tracker is only good if the information gathered is put to use. For example, if a person is monitoring the number of steps he or she takes each day, just looking at each day’s number won’t do a bit of good. The person would need to collect the data, analyze it and then act upon that data, which in this case would mean determining what a realistic goal might be and what actions would be needed to achieve that goal.

Making time to look for the signals within your businesses data can lead to discovering new opportunities. Are there new services you could be offering? Are there needs that you could fill? Is there something that is not working? Only through properly using your data can you really make the most of it. Managing data can be a little a challenging at times due to the number of data sources but the value that can be derived from leveraging the data your business collects can be game changing.

The Right Team for Innovation and Expansion

It isn’t enough to just recognize that you have to handle the data properly. You need to put processes in place to segment the data into useable chunks and then analyze it. We are technologists, so we have the expertise required to do that. We have the opportunity to massage data and tease out the important bits. Not everyone does, though. You have to have that careful balance between internal and external expertise that will allow you to discover new ways to interpret and monitor data.

To reach your data mining goals, you need to be able to assemble a solid team. They should be experts who are skilled in taking in raw data and making it into something usable. Your team should be comprised of people who have varying backgrounds and experiences. You want those who have broad experiences and those with deep experience to really round out your team and produce the results you are looking for. This is especially true if you are going to be venturing into new areas or making big changes.

Making Use of Data

Don’t be afraid to go outside your team for help. At Rubis, we work with companies all the time to help improve and establish new ideas. Our mixture of innovative experts can be a great complement to your established and hard working team. Contact us today if you want to learn more about getting the most from your data.