Three Ways to Achieve Positive Advertising ROI on Facebook

3 Ways to Get Positive ROI on Facebook

Most small businesses have a Facebook page yet they spend very little time on it. Not surprisingly, these businesses don’t see positive ROI. Here are three ROI-boosting strategies you need to implement in order to take your social media marketing efforts through Facebook advertising to the next level.

1. Target the Right People With the Right Message

If you’re advertising to the wrong people, at the wrong time, with the wrong message, your advertising efforts on Facebook are going to be less than stellar. This seems obvious but we find a lot of Facebook ads that were clearly delivered to the wrong target audience. Take time to research your target market and what they search for on Facebook and other platforms. Then, craft your message to meet these insights.

It’s also recommended that you create different sets of ads for different segments. Keep in mind that these ad sets can promote the same product or service -- they just cater the advertisement so it appeals to the right group of people.

2. Test Your Messages

Make sure you’re getting the best possible results from your Facebook ads with A/B testing. Plan to set up campaigns and then budget appropriately for the length of the test. Tests should ideally be run for anywhere from 3 to 14 days, and you should hold off on making any changes to your campaigns while you have a test running. Tests should be run regularly and your campaigns should be edited based on these results.

3. Frequency is Important

Frequency = impression divided by reach. Show your ad too few times and you’re likely not to get the CTR (click-through-rate) you are looking for. However, if you run your ad too many times it can get stale and your target audience will ignore it. 1-2x should be your starting frequency. Through testing, new brands or companies with low market share or frequent usage may find better performance with a frequency between 3-5.

Are you ready to take your Facebook advertising efforts to the next level? Rubis, we can help you drive demand generation efforts and ultimately ensure the positivity of your ROI. Contact us today to find out more!