Perfect Your Innovative Marketing Swing With Rubis As Your Coach

Taking input from a new product and generating output in the form of both popularity and sales can be a tricky proposition for your innovative business.

Much like a baseball team, you know there are obstacles to overcome as you go to bat and try to round the base paths to success. For your business, that means tackling such key marketing factors as engaging customers, generating loyalty from those customers while building upon your brand, and, of course, driving in a winning run when it comes to return on investment (ROI). Having a reliable closing pitcher ready to seal the deal also is key, and for your business, you may just want to summon our crew here at Rubis.

We help the smaller and medium innovative businesses in the health and fitness industry by supplying them with our own teams of experts and advisers in the areas of strategy (helping you explore and discover product designs and prototypes for your brand), marketing, and building digital platforms for your web and social-media strategies.

A New Product From the Atlanta Braves

When the Atlanta Braves played their first game in a brand-new stadium in mid-April, they decided to unveil a new look for their batting helmets as well. They gave their headgear the carbon-fiber look, that flashy-looking graphic design that uses hydro-dipped technology and already has accentuated the helmets of such collegiate football teams as the Oregon Ducks for a few years.

But while becoming the first Major League Baseball team to go hydro, the Braves also wanted to strike a balance between innovation and tradition, in which baseball certainly is steeped.

"We played around with a few different ideas, but we found that the carbon fiber look works well for us," Ben Acree, the team's equipment manager, told "The pattern fits on our navy helmet and doesn't really mess with the design too much. It's a subtle pattern, not too crazy. That's important because we wanted to walk a fine line between our very strong team tradition and being innovative."

The Braves' new helmets weren't to be around the ballpark very long: The team only planned to wear them during the home opener and first-ever regular-season game in SunTrust Park on Friday, April 14, and then on Easter Sunday, April 16. (They wore their traditional helmets on Saturday, the 15th, in deference to Jackie Robinson Day, when all major-league players wear the number 42 to pay tribute to the LA Dodgers legend.) After the Easter Sunday game, the Braves were to auction off the helmets, with the proceeds going to charity: A benevolent marketing strategy that was certain to sit well with fans.

However, Rawlings, the Braves' equipment supplier that helped the team design the new helmets, predicted that the hydro-dipped look would "take off" and attract the attention of other MLB franchises, keeping the big sports brand busy with new hydro-dipped designs for other baseball teams this season and perhaps beyond.

Going to Bat With Rubis

Want an innovative product from your brand to "take off," as the Braves' helmets were expected to do as the MLB season kicked into full gear? Consider us here at Rubis, whose own skippers keep watch over a steady bullpen and lineup that can produce the same sort of marketing results.

Shawn Cheatham, our founder and chief executive officer, is an inventor of digital products and services who has delivered on strategic initiatives for such Fortune 500 companies as NewsCorp, Gap and American Express, leading 15-plus successful product launches. Our chief marketing officer, meanwhile, is Eric O'Connor, who draws on his own successful entrepreneurial experience to help clients identify and execute winning marketing strategies and campaigns for their products and services.

The rest of our lineup packs plenty of firepower for your team in three distinct areas, or "innovation pods," as we playfully call them:

  • Strategy/Advisory Pod — Calling itself The Rubis Innovation Squad, this team specializes in exploration and discovery research for new products and services for your business. It also offers innovation education for executives, including training and workshops, and an always-in-tune advisory service that keeps track of the latest trends in innovation.
  • Marketing Pod — This team will help you attract customers by giving them personalized experiences, plus maintain customer loyalty and drive return on brand and marketing investment by translating the data it gathers into meaningful experiences. Its areas of expertise include marketing automation, content development, social media, graphic design, advertising and campaign execution.
  • Digital Pod — Through this service, we translate ideas into functional prototypes with the products we design for you, the applications we develop, and the product launches that we help execute and accelerate. Its expertise in content and platforms includes Drupal, Hadoop, Magento,| Meteor, Ruby on Rails, Spree Commerce, Shopify and WordPress.

A lot goes into the development and marketing of a great product, especially when what you're imagining is as innovative as the Atlanta Braves' batting helmets. If you're struggling with any phase of your product's development, from conception to launch, we at Rubis are here to help.