3 Ways to Become Priceless?

How to become priceless

We talked about it in our last post, and hopefully, you’ve had time to think about your Experience Map and begin thinking about how your team can Become Priceless. As you think about your own plan, here are some of the ways we define becoming priceless.

To Become Priceless is to possess that little something extra—both tangible and intangible. You are masterful at creating experiences that blow away your clients’ expectations. Not with the extravagant or flashy, but with heartfelt, genuine engagement that has the effect of thrilling others. It’s why people throw surprise parties, why Extreme Home Makeover makes everyone cry, and Oprah’s Favorite Things changed marketing forever.

Becoming priceless...

...is a mindset. It’s an orientation, a way of operating, a business strategy, a purpose of vision, and commitment to an excellent experience so valued that salesmanship is unnecessary. Clients’ needs come first.

Is not a marketing ploy—but it sells better than any manufactured emotion ever could. Really, this is an old-fashioned idea that’s seen resurgence because of mediums like Instagram and Facebook. It makes the big world a town square and buying experiences much like they would have been at the corner bakery (before those words were the name of a chain). It makes clients share their experience and evangelize for you because you’ve been responsible for an unexpected, pleasant surprise.


...can’t be faked. Creating this kind of value can come only from a genuine interest in another. It requires listening, seeing people, making them feel significant, and connecting with them.

Becoming priceless can’t be mass-produced or followed as if it were a recipe. Remember, it’s genuine. Genuine is not canned. By their nature, personal touches aren’t the kind of thing you mass produce. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel for every client, and there are practices that you will be able to put in place to make it easier, but you want to make your approach tailored to each client whenever possible.

...establishes your signature. You can cultivate things that you’re known for, and that’s one way to be personal without creating things one by one. These things may not be specially crafted for ONE person, but they’re specially crafted for YOUR people, your customers. There are touches and attention to detail that comes from taking great care, and they become your calling card.

By changing the way you and your team think about your interactions, about what you bring to your clients and your work, it will change your impact on them, and the experience they have. You will give more, and you will get tenfold more back. We’re not talking about opulence, necessarily—it’s a connection that need not have monetary value because it has something far more important: YOUR ATTENTION.