3 Secrets of Customer Experience

As marketers, we should be looking for a way to improve 1-to-1 relationships to create relevant customer experiences that increase loyalty, revenue, and marketing ROI. The problem, customer journeys look like a kaleidoscope version of Dr. Strange falling through New York. The old linear customer journey is gone.

89% of companies expect to compete mostly on the basis of customer experience. Source: Gartner

3 Results From Focusing on Customer Experience

Customer Experience drives three types of customer loyalty (retention, enrichment, and advocacy) which in turn tends to drive increased revenue growth in industries where customers are free to switch providers. – Forrester

Maximizing satisfaction with customer journeys has the potential not only to increase customer satisfaction by 20% but also to lift revenue by up to 15% while lowering the cost of serving customers by as much as 20%. – McKinsey

Improving customer experience leads to lower turnover rates for customers and employees. – Harvard Business Review

Creating Experiences that Connect

At Rubis, we start all engagements with a customer-centered approach to creating delightful experiences that connect. Customer experience begins with an Audience Audit. Think of it as a getting to know you conversation.


A true customer-centered approach starts with personas. To create realistic personas it’s important to collect real customer data from your sales and marketing teams and ask your current customers for feedback.

Customer Journey

If you haven’t already created a customer journey grab a pen and paper and sketch one now. Imagine all of the interactions your customer has with your product/service or company and get them on the paper. Remember New York, from Dr. Strange, customer journeys will likely not be linear.

Customer Experience

Once your personas and customer journeys are complete it’s time to start thinking about adding delightful experiences to each of your touchpoints along the customer journey. Look for ways your customer facing staff can bring joy or surprise to each interaction. Are you saying thank you to your customers, educating them, or creating delight? Your customer experience map is a good way to find out where you can.

photo credit: Business Insider