What is IP Targeting?

IP Targeting is a tactic used in our Account-Based Marketing strategy for targeting your ideal account prospects with personalized display ads in the the building where they work. Any device connected to the network inside the location can be targeted. 

We know that multiple decision makers are involved in almost all buying decisions today. In fact, “57% of the purchase decision is complete before a customer even calls a supplier.” (CEB). “67% of the buyer's journey is now done digitally.” (SiriusDecisions). IP Targeting and an Account-Based Marketing strategy allows you to educate your ideal account prospects and clients every step of the way through the buying journey driving demand and accelerating revenue.



Your ideal accounts will have at least one IP Addresses and often times more. Rubis has developed a streamlined process to procure IP Address lists that allow us to serve ads directly to your ideal accounts. 

Prospects & New Clients

Our clients use IP Targeting for awareness and education campaigns for prospects and cross-selling to existing clients. Rather than target all prospects and current clients with broad campaign messaging Rubis designs ad campaigns personalized to each ideal account that are then served specifically to ideal accounts through IP Targeting which is part of the Rubis Account-Based Marketing strategy that delivers highly qualified leads and increases pipeline velocity.

Digital Audience Report

One CMO told the Rubis team that his #1 problem was trying to figure out what prospects and clients are doing on the company website before opt-in. He feels blind before prospects opt-in. At Rubis, we use a combination of IP Targeting and our Digital Audience report to remove anonymity before opt-in. We can uncover what your prospects are researching and the exact pages they visit on your website all before opt-in. All of this information is mapped to the ideal target account giving your sales team and understanding of what prospects are researching and the actions they take at the account level. 

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